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Obviously, our organization doesn't physically protect the President. That's the Secret Service's job. But who is out there protecting President Trump every day from political attack? That's where we come in.

Located in SE Pennsylvania, we are surrounded by socialist Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans in public office. Of course, the media gives them as much air time as they need to destroy Trump. Our group of pro-Trump activists counters these voices by getting media exposure ourselves, doing RoboCalls, knocking on doors, protesting public meetings and even disrupting Leftist speaking engagements.

If you are up for countering the voices on the Left, please sign up below for our 'Rapid Response Team'. If on short notice, we need to counter a political attack, we'll send a text message to team members asking them to show up for our counter-action.

Are you ready to be a Rapid Response Team member?
Rapid Response Team

When people like Congresswoman Susan Wild launch personal attacks against President Trump, we need to be on the scene answering back with signs and call-outs.

To join us, provide your cell phone number below. We'll text you when we need people to come out.



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If all you want to know is where we'll be next, join our Rapid Response Team above to receive alerts. Sorry, but we can't respond to everyone who has a question about where we will be next.